154 あああ

添付:154.jpg あああ

149 ts

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153 Oh!!


140 test

添付:140.jpg こんにちは!

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151 次のてすt


143 23

添付:143.jpg 123

150 Cheap goods

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148 でかい画像


122 てすとでちゅ

A series of tsunamis has caused widespread death and destruction in the South Pacific. The waves were triggered by a powerful deep sea earthquake between Samoa and American Samoa. Scores of people are reported to have been killed.

Each hour brings more reports of loss of life and immense damage to what is normally a serene corner of the South Pacific. Parts of Samoa and American Samoa were pounded by a series of large waves unleashed by a magnitude eight earthquake early Tuesday.

Island residents said they were shaken by a huge jolt, which was followed by tremors that lasted for several minutes. Then the tsunamis struck.

Nathan Becker from the Pacific Tsunami Center in Hawaii says that large walls of water would have crashed onto the shoreline.

"I think it's on the order of several meters probably," Becker said. "That's a damaging and dangerous tsunami. A half meter tsunami can take you off your feet and drag you under, so three meters could be quite damaging and dangerous.' "

146 へんしん


145 もう少し大きい画像は


144 画像添付してみる

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142 this is test.

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